28. September 2018
It is not only Trump, Kavanaugh or Graham , it is a culture that needs to change. We are not the victims, but we are sick of it. We don‘t want this to happen anymore. We are with you.

23. August 2018
Surfing is more than just a Sport, but Why ?

12. July 2018
Restorative Yoga is more than just not doing anything, it is actually doing a lot.

20. May 2018
Why are you interested in watching sports? Isn‘t that a waste of time? Well, here is a thought I was having for quite some time on what yoga classes, group meditations and sport events have in common. As human beings we are longing for connection with others, we are social beings. Every time we are attending a yoga class we become part of a group experience. Most probably we do not know all the other participants, but choosing to go to yoga is something that connects us. It creates a common...

13. May 2018
We all wouldn‘t be here without having a Mom. Having Kids is probably the most challenging experience we can go through in our life. I haven‘t had the pleasure yet, but the older I get the more people around me are parents themselves. This is a very interesting change of perspective. I start getting an idea on how parents perceive their kids, for the good and the bad. How they perceive our imperfections and struggles as a spectator and how much the suffer at times without showing. I am one...

18. March 2018
It‘s a big word. We use it all the time to describe our feelings towards people or things that we appreciate. I love your new shoes/pants/dress/hat. I love this restaurant. I love going for a walk. I love my Mom. Maybe it‘s the german in me that gets confused by one word describing these quite different feelings towards something. It gets more confusing when I am asked about my opinion. “How do you like this place?“ “How is your food?“ “How was class?“ In case I really like one...

07. March 2018
How do we expand our Comfort Zones?

03. March 2018
We hear that advise all the time, but what does it actually mean? Probably something different to everyone of us. Here is my experience. Being a teenager I was never that “talented“ in sports and always looked up to my friends that were throwing backflips on their snowboards and ripping in local skate parks. I always tried, but never really came to a point where I felt 100% confident in what I was doing. I never understood why I just wasn‘t able to do what I wanted to do. Over the years...

22. February 2018
„As people become more self centered and emotional the probability of comparison involving calling someone a Narcissist or other mental illnesses approaches one.“

10. December 2017
Where does our anxiety come from and what can we do about it ?

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