Sean Matthew Scott & Laura Balmain-Davies (England) 


As a couple of mixed experience (beginner and experienced) Robert met both of our needs providing a very relaxing and spiritual experience which certainly helped both of us recover from our long day of surfing. Robert is a very talented yogi who comes highly recommended by both of us. 



Liam Watson (England)


Before I went to Morroco I had never done yoga and because of old injuries I had always felt shredded after surfing, but with the expertise of Rob and the unbelievable sunsets I felt revitalised both physically and mentally. I have now carried this on into my normal life and can feel the benefits everyday. Cheers Yoga Dude!

Lollo Antonsson (Sweden) 


Me and my friend tried Roberts yoga lesson in Nosara. The first impression we had of him was that he was so friendly and calm.


He taught yoga in a different way then I've ever experienced. It was a perfect mix with advanced and relaxed.


He always made sure that the positions worked good for everyone. While he was teaching he was talking about self-awareness and relaxation in a way so the body could connect with the soul.


We both higly recommend Roberts Yoga. This dude is just awesome!


We wish we would have more time in Nosara to learn more from his classes. Enjoy!

Susanna Wienand (Germany)


I met Robert 5 years ago during a snowboard trip with some friends.   We did yoga together in Davos after a day of snowboarding. yoga with Robert helped me having trust in my injured knee again. Even today I regulary operate yoga after snowboarding. Thanks for that!




Paul Michael Edwards (England)


Having never experienced a yoga lesson before I was somewhat apprehensive thinking my body might be contorted into some unrecognisable positions. However thanks to Rob’s amazing teaching techniques even as a complete novice I found myself feeling more relaxed than I had felt in a long while and with a great sense of achievement. A must for everyone, regardless of skill level. A truly enjoyable experience.





Kristoffer Bakker (Norway)


My yoga experience in Marocco was really good. For me yoga after surfing was a really good way to recharge my batteries for the night and the next day. Stretching and moving my body as well as doing breathing exercises was something really new to me and it made me feel really good after. The part of the yoga i liked best was the nature part, beeing on the beach listening to the ocean and breathing fresh air.



Jo-Ann D‘Alfonso (Canada)


Robert is a thoughtful and committed teacher that
has learned and grown through personal experience. He is committed  to share his knowledge and passion of yoga with everyone that are  willing to explore the true nature of yoga. He chooses to live his practice off the mat in his daily life, to be fully immersed in the authentic practice of the teachings.




Nicole Weiß (Germany)


The way Robert teaches Yoga is one of the best ways I´ve ever been taught. It is the perfect balance between effort and relaxation. In my opinion he has a great style of teaching, calm mindful and also ambitious.

Because of the yoga sessions at Robert I really began to do Yoga and have not stopped since.


Elias Bloemendaal (Netherlands)


After we had a warm welcome in Morocco, we were told there was an opportunity to participate in yoga classes. A really great experience, very relaxed, good for the muscles und the wonderfully mellow sun. personally I highly recommend it!

It is very relaxing and it can be effective against pain in the body! Do not be afraid and let yourself become one with nature! 



Sabine Fuchs (Germany)


I had my first yoga experience with Robert at the gym he was teaching in Germany. He exudes calm and serenity.


His asanas in conjunction with the voice effect create a great feeling of relaxation and ease for me. He works at a very professional level and has managed to inspire me for yoga.




Tom Hackett (England)


During my stay in Morocco I was lucky enough to have a sunset yoga session with yoga dude. Never having done yoga before I throughly enjoyed the experience which was made even better by the beautiful scenery and amazing sunset across the beach. I had an amazing trip in Morocco with great unforgettable experiences, one of my favourites being the peaceful, tranquil yoga sesh.



Bastian Beuge (Germany) 


A friend of mine that knows Robert told me to try some Yoga. I was just laughing and thought:  Do I really need spiritual stuff in my life? But somehow I felt interested, so I took the number. After a few days I was still interested in this Yoga thing, that everyone is talking about, so I gave it a chance and took a private class. 
I was really surprised how calm and relaxed I felt after my first session. From that day on it kind of got me, I started practising at home what I have learned in class. After some time I noticed that my ability to focus increased and my tendency to be unsteady decreased. A new feeling for me that I really enjoyed, so I kept on practicing and highly suggest anyone to give yoga a chance. 



Jonny Roden (England)


Rob's yoga sessions were a great end to the day. While guiding the group he managed to tailor it to individuals based on their skills and helped me with alternatives to do while the group did positions I couldn't due to my dodgy knee. After each session he had conversations with us about the experience giving us more advice making sure that everyone was getting the most out of yoga.