All about Robert  


"There is not one yoga style that suits everyone, but everyone can do yoga."


When I started my own yoga practice at the age of 25 I wasn‘t sure at all if yoga was something I could enjoy. Actually I felt pretty much, that it‘s not for me.


At that time I was suffering from chronic back pain after a snowboard injury I had at the age of 20. That chronic pain led me into non functional lifestyle choices such as junk food, loads of alcohol, not much sleep and almost no physical activity, besides playing in a punk band. Of course it was not all bad and I also had a lot of fun. But at one point the price for that fun was just to high and I my back pain got worse and worse. A psychiatrist I was seeing at that time suggested me to take pills against my depression or start "something like yoga". 


I remember before my first class, I was reading the wikipedia article about yoga and didn‘t really understand what this was all about and how it would help me. 


And then during my first class I realised that I was barely able to touch my knees in a forward bend. As you can imagine it was not the most pleasurable experience to find out that my body was a total mess at the age of 25. 


But I kept going to that class and after a few weeks I noticed some improvement in my flexibility. Even more important I started enjoying the relaxation part at the end of every class. To be honest I was looking forward to that Savasana at the end of class the whole time. It was the only thing I really enjoyed about Yoga, when I started. 


Those moments at the end of class helped me reconnecting with myself. I started enjoying to notice what‘s going on in my body. Becoming the witness of whats happening when I come to stillness. At that time I was deciding for myself to dive deeper into that whole Yoga experience.