The Elephant Law


Not sure what it is about words starting with the letter “N“, but it seems like to be a warrant for controversy. 


Sometimes certain words can be used to bring forward an argument. There is a phenomenon called “Godwin‘s Law“. 


Mike Godwin observed online discussions in the 80s and came up with this observation called "Godwin's Law":


“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one." (Mike Goodwin) 


Nobody wants to be on one side with the Nazis for good reasons, but there is a little problem with using that comparison all the time. 


It is called Relativism. 


When we call our school teacher a Nazi for making us show up on time it is not about the insult towards the teacher. It is making the incredible crimes against humanity of the Nazis look smaller. 


If we compare Donald Trump to Hitler that might feel like a strong statement. Unfortunately it is missing the point and destroying political culture. 


Trump might be a racist, sexist and power driven, which are characteristics that Hitler also had, but he didn‘t plan any Genozide and he is far away from designing a 1000-year Reich. 


He is an egoistic business man that uses simple language to fool uneducated people, but he is not Hitler. 


Trumps intention is not ethnic cleansing, he wants to be seen as a powerful man and probably doesn‘t even care about what he needs to do to achieve that. That‘s why he changes his mind all the time. 


There is plenty of arguments we could bring up why arming teachers is a stupid idea, but we can also just scream at him and call him a Nazi. 


Still it seems to be more fun to talk about his hairstyle, affairs, tweets on the NFL and all other means of distraction that made him president in the first place. 


Maybe this is because most people feel more comfortable debatting about Hairstyle, Affairs and Football. 


It is feeding the Trump supporters that claim Liberals do not have an argument besides insulting him. 


A group of people having similar negative experiences is the perfect ground to find a common enemy to project all the hatred on. 


Conspiracy theorists use these patterns to simplify a complex world. 


Everything seems to be connected to them. There must be an evil power in the background steering the world. All of a sudden everything makes sense to a “Truther“ why they failed in life: 


Either the Illuminati or some Aliens that live among us? 


It can be soothing to find someone to blame, but it doesn‘t change anything.  




The Elephant Law"


When reading articles on several online plattforms that are connected with the world of yoga and spirituality we will soon find out that many seekers out there had been dissapointed in their love life quite a few times. 


We all get hurt along the way and go through painful breakups. 


Taking “Godwin‘s Law“ as a base I would like to introduce “Elephants Law“:


„As people become more self centered and emotional the probability of comparison involving calling someone a Narcissist or other mental illnesses approaches one.“ ( Robert Busch )


We are projecting our pain onto others and blame them for something we all suffer from: 


Being a Millenial and not being able to connect with someone else. 


We are so stressed about getting our lives together and so anxious about being taken advantage of that we see dangers where there are none.


It has become very difficult to get our sh*t together. 


My generation can‘t just work for 30 years and buy a house with that money. Gentrification and low income make it almost impossible for the average person to buy property. 


To escape that misery there is a whole generation of Life Coaches that will tell you how to make it happen.


Unfortunately most of them are just broke people on credits that try exactly that for themselves not knowing the outcome. 


Being stressed and scared of being ripped of is just a consequence of living in this world today where most people try to do exactly that. 


That‘s what we all created together. Every time we “Do What We Have To Do“ we are feeding this pattern of “Everyone against Everyone“. 


In the end the main determinant whether someone is called a Narcissist or an inspiring Person is SUCCESS. 


When someone is winning Olympic gold all of a sudden their weird preparation rituals become inspiring, but with failure these rituals almost look silly. It is simple as that. 


Falling in love with someone means that we think that this one is a better person to be with than any other person in the world.


Probably because that person, in our view, is different than anyone else we have ever met before. 


Sounds lovely, right? 


When love falls apart that person all of a sudden might look like the worst person we have ever met in our life.


Mainly because they connected with us in a way nobody else did before. Their biggest strength becomes their biggest weakness in our perception. 


Every behaviour has two sides to it how it is perceived. As a good friend of mine put it: 


“The reason why we fall in Love with someone will be the reason why we break up with them.“ 


Someone that inspires us with different approaches to life can be seen as a manipulator.


Someone trying really hard to achieve their dreams might feel inspiring on one day and look like stupid narcissists the other day. 


Most probably they haven‘t changed its just our perception.


We can call Trump a Nazi, we can call our ex Partner a Narcissist, but does it really change anything? 


We can do better than that. 





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