We Hear You

A president that talked about that he could grab any women‘s genitals without punishment is nominating someone for the Supreme Court. 


That guy is accused of sexual misconduct by 3 (!) different women at this point of time. 


He gives an interview at FOX, where he claims to be innocent and draws a picture of himself having been a virgin that didn‘t drink at that time.


It turns out that he was in a fraternity, but still he claims to be a hard working innocent man that believes in God. He is outraged that people do not believe him. 


After discrediting her, a hearing is set up where this brave women has to go through all these terrible memories by telling her story in front of Senate members and millions watching on TV. At no point she seems to be making up a story and after seeing it live on TV I personally feel there is no reason to not believe her. 


Right after that hearing a Senator is raging on TV that this is all made up and threatens his political opponents to do the same to them in the future. 


Seems like he is assuming that every man has a story like this, that could come out one day. That is an insult to all men and says a lot about him.  


Why am I not using any names? Because it does not matter at this point. 


There is a deeper problem. Let‘s face it. 


1. Fraternities are the breeding ground for sexist behaviour and alcoholism, but they also seem to be very powerful in North America.


2. The same guys asking for Law & Order are telling us that „Boys will be Boys“, when it comes to themselves and their friends.


3. Supporters of the accused assume that every man needs to be afraid of allegations from now on AND see that as a problem (!?!).  


Here is a suggestion to all men that want to seperate themselves from these boys:


1. Did you go to school with these boys that treated women as objects at fraternity parties ? Share your observation and help stopping this.


2. Is there a guy at your workplace that is a predator using his position to control women and receive sexual favours in exchange for better payment or positions ? Share your observation and help stopping this. 


3. Do you know someone that is defending a guy that clearly molested women ? Share your opinion with him. 


It is time for real Men to speak up against these guys. 


On the highest levels, but also in our daily lifes. 


It is not only Trump, Kavanaugh or Graham , it is a culture that needs to change. 


We are not the victims, but we are sick of it. We don‘t want this to happen anymore. We are with you. 





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