Happy Mother's Day

We all wouldn‘t be here without having a Mom. 


Having Kids is probably the most challenging experience we can go through in our life.


I haven‘t had the pleasure yet, but the older I get the more people around me are parents themselves. 


This is a very interesting change of perspective. 


I start getting an idea on how parents perceive their kids, for the good and the bad.


How they perceive our imperfections and struggles as a spectator and how much the suffer at times without showing. 


I am one of these adults that have an animal. Never ever I would put this on the same level as being a parent. 


There is unconditional love towards my little dog, but:





1. My Dog will never reach puberty and speak up against me. 


2. My Dog will never be an independent being that makes life decisions that I might not agree with. 


3. My Dog will never choose a partner to spend the rest of her life with that I might not feel good about.




Looking at myself I have to admit, that I am a pretty challenging child to have. 


1. I was speaking up against everything just for the sake of speaking up.


2. I took decisions in my life that were not in my own interest at all. 


3. I am 33 years old and my last relationship ended with me having a dog by myself. 



Being a witness of all that must be very challenging as it probably feels like watching a car accident from the distance. 


It‘s hard to find balance to tell your kids what to do and to let them learn their own lessons. 


“You can‘t teach someone, but you can help them to find truth within themselves by holding space for their learning.“ 


My Mom did an awesome job on that. 


Over years I somehow found my way to be the person who I am today. It took some time to overcome expectations society put onto my shoulders and find a way to live my life happily.  


I am not the million dollar making business-man that most Mom‘s would be proud of. 


I am proud of my Mom for being proud of a Yoga Teacher that plays Music and loves his Dog.


With deep Gratitude towards everything I have found on my path so far and everything that will be built on that over the next years:


Alles Liebe zum Muttertag! 








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