D.u.d.e. yoga


"Doing Understanding Describing Evolving"


Calling a style of yoga "Dude Yoga" might bring up mixed feelings for some hardcore yogis. Where is the seriousness about it they might ask. So what is this name all about? 


Keeping it simple and proving nothing is a core priciple of "Dude Yoga". Our daily life can be very challenging and demanding at times, so at least in your practice you wan‘t to be able to relax and feel your whole body without feeling rushed or pushed. 


My idea of yoga is about functionality. What works for you and improves your overall experience with yourself is right for you. There are as many different yoga styles as there are people. Everyone starts at a different point when they come to a class. There is plenty of reasons to come to yoga, there is so many different benefits you can take out of your practice. My job is to help you to find YOUR yoga. 


Whatever you do in a class, Asana practice or Pranayama or exploring Meditation there is a structure behind it in "Dude Yoga" that guides you through the experience. Let‘s take a closer look at that structure:


Doing - first of all you've got to do something to experience it

Understanding - by doing you can begin to understand the effects on your experience

Describing - describing the experience allows you to consolidate knowledge 

Evolving - doing, understanding, describing leads you to evolving your practice


If you feel more relaxed after class than before, you did a great job.


If you notice any sensations in your body you haven‘t noticed before, you did a great job.


If you feel the urge to continue certain movements that make you feel better, you did a great job.


If you feel pain or discomfort because you were too ambitious, you kind of missed the point...